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Alfa Pir Polyisocyanurate Foam

Alfa Pir Polyisocyanurate Foam

ALFAPIR “POLYISOCYANURATE FOAM” is manufactured in a similar process, as of Polyisocyanurate. It has all the characteristics and advantages in addition to its greatly enhanced resistance to buring, least spread of flame and ability to with stand temperature up to 140*C. When subjected to fire outer surface of foam forms a strong carbonaceous charred layer which retards further flame spread and penetration, tested in accordance with ATSM E-84 and BS476 Part 7 class 1 rating. ALFAPIR is CFC Free Rigid PIR Foam.

ALFAPIR rigid insulation is 95% closed cell and provides a long and satisfactory service life. ALFAIR also gives excellent thermal resistance properties with a low thermal resistance properties with a low thermal conductivity as per attached table. The Elastopir 1412/506 Chemical is from BASF-Germany & DOW Chemical U.S.A meeting.


PIPE FITTINGS including elbows, trees, valve covers ec.
Product can be factory laminated with various facing if required.


35KG/M3 TO 200KG/M3


Cold and Cryogenic Services

ALFAPIR is vermin and rodent proof and inert to most of the chemicals. The product had been approved by GASCO for several projects.