Insulation Manufacturing

Calcium Silicate

Calcium Silicate

Calcium silicate boards cover a range of extremely lightweight insulating boards with excellent insulating value, high mechanical strength and good heat resistance. The boards are designed for maximum service temperatures of up to 800 Deg.0C . Calcium silicate boards are designed insulation of all refractory constructions – dense firebrick, insulating firebrick, castables, plastic refractories,etc.

The combination of high performance features makes the range of calcium silicate boards the ideal choice for efficient insulation of kilns, furnaces, ovens, stoves, boilers, soaking pits, re generators, mains and other combustion or high-temperature process equipment. Due to their high resistance to carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons calcium silicate boards can be used in furnaces with reducing atmospheres.

Available for typical field applications in;

  • Flat Block with thickness up to 100 mm
  • Half Pipe section for outer diameter up to 450 mm
  • Curved and beveled for higher diameter