Insulation Manufacturing



Rockwool fibers are produced from natural volcanic rocks, which are melted in special furnaces at a temperature of more than 1500°C, and are then spun to fine fibers characterized by their flexibility and high temperature resistance. The fibers are collected and processed on production lines to form different shapes of Rockwool, mainly Boards, Felts, Quilted Mattress, Loose Fibers and Pipe Covering, each of which is produces in different thickness and densities.

Rockwool is a highly efficient insulation and is most of the known applications requiring thermal, acoustic or fire insulation. It is of very low thermal conductivity, very high melting temperature and with open cell structure.

Available for typical field applications in

  • Boards 600 mm x 120 mm with with thickness from 25 mm to 140 mm & density 40 Kg/m3 up to 140 Kg/m3.
  • Preformed Pipe sections with various densities up to 160 Kg/m3, pipe sizes 1/2″ upto 24″ with various thicknesses.
  • Blankets with Wire mesh facing Galvanized or S/Steel thickness 30 mm upto 130 mm with various densities upto 150 kg/m3